A Passion to do Better - Inspired by Real-Life Experience

Triage-Plus was founded by a passionate group of clinicians and emergency services personnel who have first-hand experience in dealing with mass casualty incidents. They knew there had to be a better way of coordinating the responses to these events and improving the outcome for patients
when every minute counts.

Recent New Zealand Events

CTV Collapse

Christchurch - 2010/2011

Earthquakes - 185 killed & hundreds injured
Al Noor Mosque

Christchurch - 2019

Terrorist attack - 51 killed & 40 injured
Whakaari White Island

Whaakari White Island - 2019

Volcanic eruption - 22 killed & 25 injured

Global Events

Just a fraction of the mass casualty incidents since 2000

Global Mass Casualty Incidents since 2000

Part of the Inspiration for Triage-Plus

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"There is currently nothing in technology to fix some of the problems in Mass

Casualty Incidents"

Presentation Christchurch October 1st, 2019 by Professor Karim Brohi, Director of London Trauma Network & Trauma Surgeon was a major inspiration
(Click on image for presentation)

Meet The Triage-Plus Team

Dean Brown
BHSc Paramedicine

Critical Care Paramedic, Founder & CVO

Dr Suzi Hamilton

Founder & Clinical Director

Ian Burgess
Network Consultant


Michael Choeung

Head of App Development

Russell Watson

Business Advisor

Georgina Hunter

Communications & Marketing