Triage-Plus for Business as Usual Use

A Triage-Plus Connected System

Prompt, real-time patient data from initial patient assessment at the scene is crucial in ensuring that emergency departments are prepared for the number & criticality of patients coming to them on a day-to-day basis.
This allows them to prepare for and better manage patient flows, including improved patient handover,
alerts and increased preparation time for specialists clinicians and allocation of resources.

A Connected System

Triage-Plus Components & Functionality

BAU mobile app

      Mobile App

  • Available in IOS & Android
  • Works over wifi, cellular and satellite
  • Add critical data including incident, status, gender & estimated age
  • Add & update at anytime physiological data including GCS, respiratory rate, heart rate, SPo2 & blood pressure
  • Add & update at anytime Interventions & drugs
  • Add & update transport data including vehicle ID, destination, estimated time of arrival & arrival status
  • Customisation available on request
  • Configurable by organisation
  • Multi users and multi patient capability
  • Dashboard
BAU dashboard


  • Web browser based dashboard
  • Multiple filters
  • Display all critical patient data including drug totals, interventions & trends of vital signs
BAU 2 way communication

  2-Way Comms

  • Two way communication available via app between emergency department and prehospital clinicians
Data Sync

      Data Sync

  • Automatically synchronise data across devices and screens so that all data is accurate and available in real-time. No more having to scribe and complicated handovers
BAU bluetooth


  • Integration of real-time information from any bluetooth enabled devices
API Integration


  • Easily integrate into any existing data system via an API whether that be an electronic patient report form or patient care record