Triage-Plus for Mass Casualty

The Problems

When a Mass Casualty Incident occurs, there are multiple issues faced by responders and many questions that need to be answered and shared with all those involved in the response. This can include Emergency Services Staff, fire, police, receiving hospitals, and multiple government agencies.

The Problems

The Triage-Plus Solution

Triage-Plus overcomes these issues with a simple and easy-to-use system.
For those at the scene, Triage-Plus makes the process of initial triage easier and more consistent
regardless of who is performing the triage, by stepping the user through a simple triage process,
capturing vital patient information.

This critical information is provided to all agencies in real-time, from the point the patient is initially triaged,
right through to when they arrive at the receiving medical facility.

As information can be updated at any time, responders and agencies can monitor the evolving situation and
coordinate the response, planning resources and patient care to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

The Solution

Triage-Plus Components & Functionality

Triage Tags

     Triage Tags

  • Embedded RFID chip
  • Unquie ID for each tag via RFID & visible on tag
  • Tags can be coded by country & agency
  • Standard & non standard colours available
  • Work regardless of contamination
  • Personal & large incident carry cases options

      Mobile App

  • Available in IOS & Android
  • Works over wifi, cellular and satellite (data stored locally on device in event of no coverage)
  • Guided triage (user defined on request) and quick triage options
  • Retriage option
  • Add critical data including chief complaint, gender & estimated age
  • Add & update physiological data anytime including GCS, respiratory rate, heart rate & blood pressure
  • Add & update transport data including vehicle ID, destination, estimated time of arrival & arrival status
  • Configurable by organisation
  • Multi users and multi incident capability
  • Incident dashboard
Live Triage Map

       Live Triage Map

  • Available on mobile app and multi incident dashboard
  • Locates and identifies patients at point of initial triage and post incident
  • Identifies when patients have been transported from scene
MCI Dashboard

     Local Dashboard

  • Web browser based dashboard
  • Multiple filters
  • Display all critical patient data
Multi Incident Dashboard

      Multi Dashboard

  • Web based dashboard
  • Multiple incident data
  • Live triage map
  • Use in regional, national or even global events


API Integration


  • Easily integrate into any existing data system via an API whether that be an electronic patient report form or patient care record
Whakaari White Island

 Users & Uses

  • Any first response or emergency services agency
  • Military
  • Emergency departments, hospitasl, medical centres
  • Natural disasters
  • Terrorist attacks
  • International disaster response
  • Urban Search & Rescue (USAR)
Old Triage Card


  • Convert manual system into automated system with the simple addition of an RFID sticker on existing tags

The Triage-Plus Validation

The first stage in validating Triage-Plus was a multi-agency trial held at Burnham Military Camp outside of Christchurch, NZ in December 2021 with clinicians from multiple agencies to compare an existing manual triage system with Triage-Plus along with a 200 patient Emergo ( exercise with multiple participants.

The second stage was the use of TrIage-Plus by HEMS staff from Garden City Aviation (GCH) when transporting patients from the prehospital environment through to the emergency department.

Clinician Feedback

Trial Response 1Trial Response 2Trial Response 3