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triage-plus provides CRITICAL real-time patient data FOR improved PAtient Outcomes

Triage-Plus is a simple and cost-effective SaaS platform that provides critical
real-time patient data from the prehospital environment to multiple
organisations, giving visibility to those involved in patient care.

With Triage-Plus you know, how many patients, how sick they are,
where they are going and when they will arrive, allowing for care
to be planned and resources allocated before patient arrival.

Triage-Plus Integration:
For Mass Casualty Incidents
Business as Usual Care
& Simulation

Triage-Plus Uses

Triage-Plus For Mass Casualty Incidents

In Mass Casualty Incidents with multiple patients,
it is essential to quickly and easily identify how many patients are affected, how sick they are, where they are and when they will arrive at receiving medical facilities. With Triage-Plus, this information is provided to personnel across multiple agencies, in a
coordinated way and in real-time.

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Triage-Plus For Business as Usual Care

For Business as Usual patient care situations, the system enables prehospital clinicians to easily and quickly deliver critical information about the patient from the initial patient contact to the Emergency Department in real-time.

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Business AsUsual

Triage-Plus For Simulation

Triage-Plus is an ideal platform to enable real-time Mass Casualty training for frontline emergency services staff, as well as emergency planning teams running tabletop exercises to test demand and
capacity scenarios.

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