There Is A Better Way

Triage-Plus was founded by a passionate group of clinicians and emergency services personnel who have first-hand experience in both prehospital and in hospital emergency medicine including dealing with mass casualty incidents. They knew there had to be a better way of coordinating the responses to these events and improving outcomes for patients when every minute counts.

While the Triage-Plus Datum platform was founded to address the problems associated with mass casualty incidents it became clear that these same problems occur on a much larger scale with day-to-day patients in the prehospital environment and the potential uses and thus the Triage-Plus Nexus platform was borne.

At Triage-Plus, we ensure that our products are intuitive, simple to use and cost effective. They have been designed and tested by experienced users from across the prehospital environment.

Triage-Plus Founders who knew "There is a better way" to speed up patient care coordination and prehospital activity monitoring.

Meet the Triage-Plus team

Image of Dean Brown, Founder & CVO, BHSc Paramedicine Critical Care Paramedic.

Dean Brown – BHSc Paramedicine 
Critical Care Paramedic, Founder & CVO

Image of Dr Suzi Hamilton, Founder & Clinical Director, MBChB, FACEM‍.

Dr Suzi Hamilton – MBChB, FACEM
Founder & Clinical Director

Image of Ian Burgess Consultant Founder,  Network

Ian Burgess – Network Consultant 

Image of Michael Choeung, Head of App Development

Michael Choeung 
Head of App Development

Image of Russell Watson‍, Business Advisor

Russell Watson
Business Advisor

Image of Georgina Hunter, Communications & Marketing

Georgina Hunter
Communications & Marketing

Our inspiration for Triage – Plus

"There is currently nothing in technology to fix some of the problems in Mass Casualty Incidents" Professor Karim Brohi, Director of London Trauma Network & Trauma Surgeon was a major inspiration for our work.
Watch the presentation he delivered in Christchurch on 1st October 2019.

Professor Karim Brohi was a major inspiration for our work to invent software for first responders to use.