Triage-Plus Datum logo this is an app for emergency response coordination.

Real-time mass casualty triage and patient tracking platform

Datum is a solution for MCIs when there are multiple patients involved and enables real-time communication by first responders to all those involved in the response. The protocol driven triage process guides first responders through a rapid assessment of the status of all patients, and via the easy to use interface, allows entry of critical patient, transport and destination data.

This vital information is provided to all organisations involved in the response in real-time dashboard updates, from the point the patient is initially triaged, right through to when they arrive
at the receiving medical facility.

As information can be updated at any time, the Incident Commander and responding organisations can monitor the evolving situation and coordinate the response, planning resources and patient care to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Triage-Plus Datum is software designed to help with mass casualty response.

Features in Datum

Works on IOS & Android NFC capable smart phones. Dashboards available on any web browser. Offline capability

Triage_plus software can work on a mobile, laptop and desktop interface.

Guided and quick triage options designed for all levels of first responders

Mass casualty triage datum software offers a solution for first responders, use of colour coded bands with GPS.

Real-time local and web browser multi-incident dashboards including live triage map

Datum has live triage map and dashboards connecting you with health providers.

Intuitive patient status and critical data entry

Datum provides patient status and prehospital activity monitoring.

Live transport and destination data including vehicle and estimated time of arrival

Triage-Plus app shows live transport and destination data for patients and connection to health providers.

Integration with Nexus coming soon.

Benefits of Datum


Easy and intuitive interface

Designed to guide first responders through the triage process and ensures consistency of triage and patient vitals.

Benefit of the Datum software is the clean interface and intuitive design and more in-depth reporting features.

Incident updates

Real-time updates

Keeps all those involved with the incident up to date with the latest information, allowing for coordination of the response and allocation of resources.

Live realtime updates for patient and health providers is a benefit of Datum, by Triage-Plus.

Live triage map

Keep track of patients at all times

A live triage map tracks patients letting you know how many patients there are, how sick they are and when they will arrive at the receiving hospitals.

Datum benefit is live triage maps, keep track of your patients. Software by Triage-Plus.

Easily integrate

Fast and easy handover with receiving clinical staff

Easily integrate electronic patient report forms or patient care records into any existing data system via an API.

Another Datum benefit is of fast handing over of patient data using a system via API.