Triage-Plus Nexus logo this is an app for prehospital emergency care.

Integrated prehospital patient and incident management system

Nexus is a cloud based prehospital patient and incident management system, designed to meet the needs of prehospital medical services. Emergency services can dispatch emergency vehicles and crew, and first responders can communicate vital patient information such as triage status and initial treatment provided, all in real-time.
This information is available for Emergency Departments and operators via the dashboard, allowing for resources to be allocated and preparation for patient arrival. The incident record provides prehospital medical services administration with the information required for efficient billing, resource and compliance management. The simple to use, multi-device system can be operated by multiple users simultaneously.

Triage-Plus Nexus medical software showing real-time patient data, using incident and patient clinical records. This includes emergency service dispatch, patient arrival time and vitals status.

Features of Nexus

Multi platform - IOS and Android devices of all types including offline functionality

Triage_plus software can work on a mobile, laptop and desktop interface.

Integrated incident and patient clinical record

Triage-Plus has incident details sharing and records, to improve patient outcome.

Real-time web browser and app dashboards for sharing of critical data across organisations

Nexus can share critical patient data in real-time dashboards, using web browser.

Integrated guidelines and standard handover format

Nexus helps with easy handover of medical incident records.

Inbuilt crew management portal including fatigue monitoring and notifications

Nexus can help with resource allocation and crew management and fatigue monitoring.

API centric for multiple Integrations such as with CAD systems

Integrated Clinical Records with the use of API, is another feature of Nexus offering easy collaboration.

Granular data capture and reporting to inform clinical decision making

The Nexus app uses granular data capture to report mission records, this helps with clinical plans for patients.

Secured with the latest in modern cloud platform security standards

Triage-Plus uses latest in modern cloud storage and security.

Benefits of Nexus

Real-time updates

Prepare and allocate resources with real-time critical incident & patient updates

First and subsequent assessments of the patient are seen in the emergency department as they occur allowing for patients to be registered, and the clinicians, specialists and resources allocated, all without a call required.

Benefits of Nexus is our crew portal showing mission status and real-time updates which helps with emergency services connection.

Patient handover

Fast and efficient patient handover

Patient data and status is already known along with their estimated time of arrival using the live triage and transportation portal.

Nexus benefit of easy patient handover, all the details in one place and cane be shared easily.


Make turnarounds faster

Equipment and vehicle checks and equipment restocking help your crew with efficient turnarounds.

Emergency service dispatch, fast hand over and equipment restocking is one benefit of Nexus software by Triage-Plus.

Efficient crew management

Make life easier with efficient crew management

Use the crew management portal to monitor fatigue levels, receive notifications and manage rosters.

Nexus app to help plan your rosters for efficient crew management, receive notifications and manage fatigue.